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Your Invitation

We would like to invite you to volunteer with us in Kenya and Democratic Republic of Congo, where every coin you contribute goes straight to good causes.  Find out all the information you need below to embark on the most incredible journey of your life.



This role involves working in the Primary Schools, based in Kenya and Democratic Republic of Congo .


All of our volunteers have a real chance to get fully involved in the daily school routine, alongside any additional events that occur throughout the year.  Additionally, our volunteers are able to sometimes take part in our Community Outreach works, particularly at the Evening Tuition Centres that we operate for children who are unable to attend school.


Being a Care Work volunteer is a great chance to spend time at the Home for Children without Parents, currently home to 39 children with various backgrounds.  This is a truly rewarding opportunity to get the chance to really influence the lives of children that all have their own unique, often horrific, stories to tell.


All of the children at our home have been given a new life, where they can prosper as individuals – and spending time here is often a highlight of any volunteers time at the Giselle Foundation.  Whilst here, you will also have the chance to spend time at the school.


Our Medical placements offer you the chance to get an insight into work on the front line.  At Giselle Foundation, we are proud to run many Outreach programmes, typically with a focus on Sexually Transmitted Diseases – such as HIV/AIDS – and also our Doctors Clinic, that enables people from rural backgrounds to be properly diagnosed and treated for various ailments.



We have outlined our placement times, alongside the cost below.  Unlike the many ‘Voluntourism’ companies that are now operating, we do not take large administration fees.  The costs below cover all of the following;

  • Accommodation and Food
  • 24/7 support
  • State Coordination
  • Pre-departure support and advice
  • Airport pickup*
  • Emergency contact number (with SIM) both in Kenya, United States, Netherlands and the democratic republic of Congo
  • Advice on flights, visas and insurance
  • Donation to the Giselle Foundation

Our fees do NOT include the cost of flights, visas, or insurance.  We can organise your flights on your behalf, for a small additional fee.

Every week, you’ll be guaranteed two free days.  If you would like more, this is also fine – but as a minimum, we’ll make sure you have two.


What can I do during my free time?

  • Visit local landmarks.
  • Take excursions to more distant locations, by the coast, city or mountains
  • Travel
  • Immerse yourself in nature.

6 month Placement – £1,800 (Best Value – just £300 per month!)

5 month Placement – £1,650 (£330 per month)

4 month Placement – £1,500 (£375 per month)

3 month Placement – £1,200 (£400 per month)

2 month Placement – £900 (£450 per month)

1 month Placement – £500 (£500 per month)

Volunteering opportunities are typically open between January and December of each calendar year.

Why? This is so that we can ensure that you always have contact available with our placement trustee.  Applications typically open around the Summer of each calendar year, for the upcoming New Year.

You can register your interest for the upcoming volunteering period using the form at the end of this page!

Complete the details below to register your interest in our ethical volunteering opportunities.  Once completed, we’ll be in touch soon.

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