Women Empowerment

We are empowering women through trainings and awareness programmes to enable them acquire a socially change agenda and also provide an environment where change-makers visions and goals are affirmed, supported, promoted, and propelled. We strongly believe that an empowered woman is an empowered community.

On economic empowerment, we aim to empower and advance women entrepreneurs across all marginalized, poverty stricken communities and slums in Kenya.  We are developing our own programs, as well as collaborating with select partners on program that inspire, educate, and accelerate success for women to a successful entrepreneurship.

We are also working with women who are core to agri-business and food security. Agribusiness plays a vital role in economic development, contributing a major portion of GDP, employment, and pillar to poverty alleviation, we are supporting women in rural communities acquire farming equipments often sponsored by our partners, the equipments include giving oxen and plough machines and in some areas avail tractors to help women prepare farm at right time at half price or free, in turn the women contribute part of their profit of produce to child centers under Giselle Foundation.

We also connect them to agricultural institutions for agric-advice and trainings to improve their skill for better growth.